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Social Sciences Centre (M.S.W.), Pune

Research and Publications

Seminars/workshop/conferences/Training programmes Conducted

Year Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars
04-05 Workshop on "Capacity Building of Grass Root Level NGOs"
6-May 1. National Seminar on Social Justice And Empowerment
2. Counselling and Areas of Counselling.
3. One Day Workshop On “Communal Harmony”
3. Workshop On Project Management
8-Jul 1. Workshop on Social Work Research
2. Training Programme on P.R.A.
3. Workshop on Counselling
4. Workshop on Village Level Micro-Planning
9-Aug 1. Workshop on “Recent Trends in Community Development with Reference to Gender Perspective”
2. International Experts Meet on Research Priorities for Elderly in India
3. Workshop on Communication & Thinking Skills
4. Workshop on Supporting Adoptive Children in School
5. Workshop on Social Work Research
6. Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility
7. Workshop on Counselling

Seminars/workshop/conferences/Training programmes attended

Year Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars
5-Apr 1. "A Study of Scholastic Problems of Tribal Students" by Shivgunde Sonal and Dr. V.V. Kulkarni.
  2. "A Study of the Problems of Education in Nagaland and Manipur" by Mr. Peter S.L. & Dr. V.V. Kulkarni
3. "The Challenges of Child Health and Infant Morality in Tribal Community" by Dabholkar Pallavi and Dr. V.V. Kulkarni
6-May 1."Women Entrepreneurs" attended by Dr. S.I. Kumbhar
7-Jun 1. A National Seminar on “Research Methods for Social Work : Need for Paradigm Shift” was organised by Roda Mystry College of Social Work and Research Centre, Hydrabad. Attended by Dr. Kulkarni V.V. and Prof. Kirtiraj DC
2. N.S.S. orientation training programme of Govt. of India. Attended by Dr. Kulkarni
3. Dr. S.I. Kumbhar and Prof. B.S. Gotpagar have participated in a five days workshop on ‘Training Programme for Capacity Building and Standardization in Research’ at IIE, Pune
4. Dr. S.I. Kumbhar – Participated a in two days state level conference on “Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Farmers Suicides in Maharashtra”
8-Jul 1. Dr. B.T. Lawani has participated in the two days National Workshop on the Irradication of Leprosy in India
2. Dr. B.T. Lawani has participated in the International Conference on Youth and Democracy as a Chair Person of one of the sessions. The conference was organized jointly by CYDA and YCISSR
3. Dr. G.R. Rathod participated as a ‘Resource Person’ in the Zonal level workshop organised by Govt. of India, NSS Regional Centre, Pune
9-Aug 1. All (12) Faculty members were participated in International Experts Meet on Research Priorities for Elderly in India. The Meet was inaugurated by Dr. Shivajirao Kadam, Vice-Chancellor, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University and chaired by Dr. Sharadchandra Gokhale, Chairman ILC. It has been validicted by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar

Publications in Conferences, Journals and books by the faculty

Year Name of Faculty Conferences Journals Books
5-Apr 1. Dr. B.A. Deshmukh - - Tribal Education
2. Dr. B.A. Deshmukh. - Tribal Research Bulletin -
3. Dr. G.R. Rathod - Indian Social Sciences Congress -
6-May 1. Dr. B.T. Lawani - - Social Work Perspectives
2. Dr. B.T. Lawani - Participative Development -
3. Dr. B.A. Deshmukh
9-Aug 1. Dr. S. I. Kumbhar Social Work & Social Development (at Chimmur Dist. Chandrapur)
2. Dr. G.R. Rathod Social Work Research (at Nanded)
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